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Cutting Edge Orchestral Music
Vol. 1

description:  15 songs. From edgy to energetic to futuristic sounding, these songs are perfect for feature films, TV, or background music.  LISTEN
Music for Sports TV and 
Ad Campaigns

description:  10 songs. Upbeat, in your face, hard-hitting guitar driven music great for background sports cues!  LISTEN
High Energy Sports Music

description:  13 songs. Hard-hitting, drum pounding cues ready for energetic sports broadcasts!  LISTEN
Piano Pieces I

description:  14 songs. First part, all solo piano pieces. Second part, piano with cutting edge electronics.  LISTEN
Film and Game Trax II

description:  Collection of high quality production music for demanding film and TV. LISTEN
(Hard Industrial Rock)

description: Sounds like Nine Inch Nails. Hard Rock Industrial with a sick Electronic edge. 9 Song sampler. LISTEN
Acoustic Guitar Works

description: collection of 10 dark instrumental acoustic song. 
Front Alone F and G I.jpg (165160 bytes) Film and Game Trax I

description: Mixture of 10 electronic compositions, some with guitar. Very deep and raw sounding. 
Diverse Dance Tracks / Upbeat TV Segues

description: Mix of 8 extremely dark and upbeat happy dance music. LISTEN


CDs containing a mixture of songs...

Production Music

description:  35 songs. All under 1:20 long covering 8 genres. Gives listener just a taste of the music of Ben Kopec. 

Music Sampler late 2005.jpg (709597 bytes) Music Sampler

description: collection of 14 songs from Film and Game Trax I & II, Diverse Dance Tracks, Acoustic Guitar Works, and Thru-Hole.


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